Sunday 20 July 2014

Biscuit Cake

Today I am sharing recipe of very easy 7 minutes microwave cake. It is delicious in taste and doesn’t require too many ingredients so if you are new to baking then do try this easy cake. 

2 packets Bourbone Biscuits (150 Gms Each)
1 packet Parle G
200 ml milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 teaspoon Eno (plain one)
1 tablespoon oil grease
1 bowl dry fruits ( as you like)

1.       Crush all the biscuits in a mixer grinder
2.       Then take it out in a bowl and put milk in it and let it soak for sometime (5-7 minutes)
3.       Then mix it properly so there are no lumps and then add vanilla essence, dry fruits and eno and mix it properly

4.       Then take a microwave bowl and grease it with oil and pour the mixture in it and microwave it for 7 minutes
5.       After that leave it in microwave only for 5-10 minutes
6.       After that take it out and cover it with a lid and serve it when it is little cooler

7.       Your delicious Biscuit Cake is ready

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