Monday 14 December 2015

Ginger Mint Drink

We start our New Year special with cool and refreshing Ginger Mint Drink. This Ginger Mint drink is the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness with just enough mint and ginger flavour to enhance the drink, but not overpower it. It’s a perfect drink to quench your thirst on a hot day.

1  tablespoon Ginger Powder

1  tablespoon Lemon Juice
1 tablespoon Sugar Syrup
1 teaspoon Salt
3-4 Crushed Mint Leaves

·         In a small cup take ginger powder, lemon juice, salt, sugar syrup, fennel seed powder and lemon juice and mix it well with a spoon
·         In a glass put soda water and add this mixture very gently and mix well
·         Now add mint leaves and mix will

·         Serve chilled 


  1. Very nice refreshing drink.. I think u forgot to mention Ginger in ingredients..

    1. Thanks Bhawya for pointing it mistake first ingredient got deleted :-) Do try it a very refreshing drink.

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