Wednesday 19 March 2014

Fish Pasanda Masala

We all have the perception that cooking seafood is a difficult thing and that’s why in our day to day cooking we mostly stick to chicken or mutton but today I am sharing a very easy recipe of Fish Masala…this dish has strong flavors of mustard and is a wholesome Indian dish. It is mildly spicy and is a beautiful dish to serve at a small lunch or dinner party!!
500 Gms Rohu Fish (cut in small pieces)
1 Bowl Yellow Mustard oil (sufficient amount for deep frying)
3 tbs Yellow Mustard Paste (to make the paste – grind mustard seeds with little water)
1 tbs Salt                                   
½ tbs Turmeric Powder           
2 tbs Onion Paste                    
1 tbs Red Chili Powder           
1 tbs Coriander Powder          
1 tbs Ginger and Garlic Paste    
½ tbs Ginger and Garlic Juice    
½ tbs Meethi seeds                   
3-4 Small Tomato (chopped)
2-3 tbs Thick Curd                        
Coriander leaves for garnishing

·         Clean fish with water and keep aside for 5 minutes to drain out excess water
·         Make a thick paste by mixing salt, turmeric powder, 1 tbs mustard oil, coriander powder, ½ tbs onion paste and ½ tbs ginger-garlic paste
·         Add this paste to fish pieces and leave for 10 minutes to marinate
·         Heat mustard oil in an open pan for deep frying
·         Deep fry fish pieces till it turns light brown in color (be careful, as fish contains lot of water and when you put it in hot oil, it may splash)
·         Just before taking out fried pieces from the pan, add 2-3 drops of garlic and ginger juice on fish
·         Remove from pan
·         Gravy preparation - in the leftover oil (after deep frying) - add ½ tbs whole meethi seeds and mustard paste, turmeric powder, salt, coriander powder , ginger-garlic paste, small pieces of tomato and onion paste.
·         Cook the above mixture for 10-12 minutes on slow flame till it becomes thick paste and is golden brown in color – add 2-3 spoons of thick curd and mix properly
·         Add 1-cup water and let the preparation boil
·         Put the flame on low once the gravy has started boiling
·         Slowly add deep-fried fish pieces in the gravy (be careful as the boiling gravy may spill/splash on your hand) – do not stir, as the tender fish pieces may break
·         Cook for 8-10 minutes on low flame
·         Take out from the pan and garnish with finely chopped green coriander leaves
·         Serve hot with plain basmati steamed rice or chapatti



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