Thursday 8 May 2014

Mango Fruit Cream

The moment you think about summer’s you think of mangoes…it is such an awesome fruit and we can use it so many different forms so I thought why not make a dessert out of mango so here’s my recipe for mango fruit cream. I just love fruit cream because it is the tastiest way to have your fruits. This summer enjoy mangoes with this very easy to make mango fruit cream.

300 ml Fresh Cream / Amul Cream    
2 Mango Ripe                                
250 Gms Grapes                                        
2 Small Banana                                        
1 Apple                                           
½ Cup Pomegranate Seeds                  
1 Small Cup of Dry fruits (Cashew nut, almonds, pistachio, raisins)
Sugar (According to your taste)

·         Cut apple and banana in small pieces
·         Take out the pulp of mangoes
·         Add sugar to the mango pulp and mix properly (in a mixer if required) and make a thick paste
·         Take fresh cream in a large bowl, add mango-sugar paste and mix properly with spoon.    Keep on mixing till it texture becomes uniform
·         After that add cut fruits and dry fruits to it
·         Garnish with pomegranate seeds  
·         Keep in refrigerator to make it chilled (Do not freeze)




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