Saturday 20 August 2016

Fluffy Coffee

If you are one of those, like me, whose day start with a steaming tea or coffee, then this fluffy coffee will give your Sunday a boost. Start your lazy Sunday with this fluffy coffee. This coffee is not the traditional filter coffee neither it is a mechanized outcome of a coffee brewing machine. Try this once for sure and share your opinion.


2 tablespoon coffee powder
2 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon chocolate powder
2 Cup milk
1/2 cup water


Take coffee powder and sugar together in bowl and add 1 teaspoon water.

Use hand blender for 3 to 4 min to make it fluffy. The more you blend, the more fluffy it will become, and so would your eventual coffee.

Boil milk and water together once milk is boiled, use hand blender for 30 sec to make a thick froth.

Make a lining of fluffy coffee froth on the inner side of the cup.

Add hot frothy milk in the cup .

Sprinkle coffee powder/ Chocolate powder and enjoy your fluffy coffee.

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