Sunday 27 September 2015

Pad Thai Noodles

My daughter just loves Pad Thai noodles but usually the one we get in the restaurant is little spicy and she is not able to enjoy it. That’s when I thought why not make it at home and today made Pad Thai noodles and my daughter just loved it. Here’s my recipe for the same. Doesn’t require too much cooking & only little effort goes in chopping the vegetables. Make your weekend more enjoyable by making these yummy Pad Thai noodles.

150-200 gms Pad Thai (Boiled)1 large size Green Capsicum (chopped)
1 medium size Red Capsicum (chopped)
1 medium size Yellow Capsicum (chopped)
5-6 Button Mushroom sliced
2 Carrot (cut in thin strips)
1 Red chilly
4-5 Spring Onion with stalk
5-6 Garlic (chopped)
2 tbs Oil
Salt to taste
2 tbs Soy Sauce
2 tbs Sugar
3 tbs Roasted Peanuts (grounded)
1 tbs Lemon Juice

·         Heat 2-3 tablespoon of oil in a pan and add chopped garlic in it. Fry for 30secs
·         Add chopped green capsicum, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, sliced button mushroom, thin strips of carrot. Mix them together and fry for a minute
·         Add soy sauce, salt, sugar and pad thai noodles. Mix them together. Heat it for 3-4 mins
·         Add spring onions and crushed roasted peanut. Don’t use all the crushed peanut, leave some aside for garnishing. Mix them together and heat for 1 min more
·         Serve the Pad Thai in serving plate
·         Add lemon juice and garnish with remaining crushed roasted peanuts

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