Tuesday 8 December 2015

Fruit and Vegetable Pasta

I just love pasta and you can make it in so many different forms. This time I used fruits and vegetables both to make my pasta and the result was amazing. The sweetness of fruits just added that little extra punch to regular pasta and what a perfect way to make your little ones eat vegetables and fruits in one go. Serve this pasta as snacks when you have guests over and I assure you they will love it.

3-4 pieces Pineapple (Chopped)
3-4 pieces Papaya (Chopped)
3-4 pieces Broccoli
½ small cup Baby Corn
½ Red Capsicum
½ Yellow Capsicum
Few pieces of Zucchini
1 tbs Salt (According to taste)
2 tbs Fruit Cream  
4-5 tbs Tomato Paste
2-3 tbs Milk
Oregano for seasoning

·         Boil pasta in water and add salt and 1 spoon oil
·         Once boiled, strain water and keep it aside for 10 minutes
·         Now in a pan add little oil and roast all vegetables and fruit together, till they turn golden brown in colour

·         Then add pasta and roast  for 2 minutes
·         After that add fruit cream, tomato paste and milk and mix it properly
·         Then add salt and seasoning and keep in on low flame for 2 minutes

·         Now your pasta is ready to serve

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