Monday 29 June 2015

Chocolate Mango Shake

Summer season is mango season and mango shake is one of the delicious shakes that I relish during every mango season. Also, this shake is one the most favourite shake amongst Indians. Yesterday I was making mango shake and I thought why not add little chocolate to it and see how it tastes and by just adding little chocolate the whole taste of it changed. Chocolate Mango Shake is awesomely delicious & refreshing drink for beating the summer heat. So enjoy this season mango shake with my chocolate twist recipe J

½ bowl Chocolate
1 small bowl Mango Pulp
1 tbs Powdered Sugar
1 tbs Chocolate Syrup
1 glass Milk
2-3 Ice cubs

1.       Take chocolate in microwave safe bowl and melt it (it will take around 5 minutes)
2.       Now remove chocolate from microwave and in a mixer grinder add melted chocolate, mango pulp and sugar & mix it for 2 minutes
3.       Once it is mixed properly add milk and ice cube and again churn it for 1 minute
4.       Before serving decorate your glass by spreading chocolate syrup around the glass and now pour your shake in it
5.       Now your Chocolate Mango Shake is ready to serve

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