Tuesday 3 November 2015

Sooji Ladoo

 Festival celebrations come alive when delicious Sooji Ladoo are prepared. They are easy and ever green ladoo and is one of the popular ladoo variety. I made this ladoo using minimal ingredients. Do try these Sooji Ladoo this Diwali.

½ kg Sooji
½ kg Khoya/ Mawa
½ kg Sugar
200 Gms Ghee
½ glass Water
5-6 Black Cardamom

·         In a pan take ghee and sauté sooji medium flame and turn off the flame
·         Then grate khoya and mix with sooji after then add black cardamom and mix well
·         Put a pan on flame and put water and sugar in it and after one boil take it off the flame
·         Then add sooji mix in this sugar syrup and keep it aside for 1-2 hours
·         After that take little in your hand and make ladoo shapes
·         And your Sooji Ladoo are ready to serve

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