Thursday, 15 October 2015

Aloo Halwa

Potato – one vegetable that is used the most during Navratri. I am bored of eating aloo as a savoury dish so thought why not make Aloo Halwa for a change. It is very filing and extremely tasty and quick to make with use of only few ingredients. Not only enjoy this halwa during Navratri season but also if suddenly some guests are coming and you are in a fix then this is the perfect dessert to make and serve.

1/2 kg Potatoes
2 tbs Desi Ghee
125 Gms Sugar (according to taste)
Few Almonds for garnishing

·         Boil the potatoes and grate them
·        Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan and add grated potatoes and sauté well. The more you sauté the better the halwa tastes
·         Stir continuously as it tends to stick to the bottom a little. Add powdered sugar and mix well
·         Keep cooking till sugar is completely dissolved and halwa starts leaving ghee
·         Now your Aloo Halwa  is ready, garnish with almonds and serve hot

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