Thursday 22 January 2015

Crispy Banana Rolls

Snacks are my favorite and today I am sharing recipe of Crispy Banana Rolls.  They are super yummy to eat and are quite different in taste then your regular potato or vegetable rolls. They are quick to make and are perfect for a small tea party. Do try these yummy rolls if you are looking for something different & these rolls taste heavenly with raw banana chutney. You can see my previous post for raw banana chutney recipe.

1.       Raw Banana                                                : 2-3
2.       Corn Flour Powder                                       : 2 tablespoon
3.       Crush Panner                                              : 2 tablespoon
4.       Rice Powder                                               : 2 tablespoon
5.       Gram Flour                                                 : 4-5 tablespoon
6.       Ginger  & Garlic                                          : 1 teaspoon (Chopped)
7.       Onion                                                         :  ½ small bowl (Chopped)
8.       Poppy Seeds                                              : 2 tablespoon
9.       Kitchen King Masala                                   : 1 teaspoon
10.   Garam Masala                                             : 1 teaspoon
11.   Salt                                                             : 1 tablespoon (According to taste)
12.   Red Chili Powder                                         : 1 teaspoon
13.   Turmeric Powder                                          : 1 teaspoon
14.   Coriander Leaves                                         : ½ small bowl
15.   Green Chili                                                  : 1 (Cut in small pieces)
16.   Refined Oil                                                  : ½ bowl
1. Boil raw banana in pressure cooker and give 2 Visil or boil in the water for 30 minutes or till it becomes soft.
2. Once it is cooked keep it aside for cooling, after that remove the peel.
3. Now take a mid size bowl and add boil banana, corn flour powder, Crush Panner, rice powder, Gram flour, ginger & garlic, poppy seeds, kitchen king masala, garam masala powder, salt, red chilly powder, turmeric powder, chopped green chilly and coriander leaves and mix it properly ( Do not use water).
4. Now take small size of this mixture and give it a shape of small ball.
5. Heat oil in the kadai, once the oil is hot put 4 to 5 ball in it and deep fry till they become golden brown in colour, ( Fry banana ball on the light flame).
6. Now your crispy Banana rolls is ready to serve.

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