Sunday 29 May 2016

Red Cherry Lassi

In this sweltering heat I am always on a look out for cold drinks and sometime back I made this Red Cherry Lassi. Quite different from our usual lassi and the tanginess of cherry just adds to the flavours of this drink. Must try if you are in a mood of having something cold and refreshing.

1 Cup Red Cherry (without seeds)
1 Cup Curd
2 tbs Fresh Cream
2 tbs Sugar Syrup
1 tbs Vanilla Essence
½ Cup Milk (Cold)
Few Dry Fruits (Cashew, Almonds and Raisins)

·         In a bowl mix milk, cream and vanilla essence together
·         Take all the other ingredients in mixer grinder and grind them together for 1 minute

·         After the add milk and cream mixture in it and grind it together
·         Now your Cherry Lassi is ready to serve
·         Pour it in a glass and garnish with mint leave or dry fruit of your choice

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