Tuesday 15 March 2016

Sweet Creamy Lassi

Summers are fast approaching and I am always on a look out for refreshing drink.  Today I was in a mood to try something different so made creamy lassi and instead of adding standard ingredients added some new ingredients and ta-da my sweet creamy frothy lassi with a twist was ready. Rich in flavours and quite filing, ideal to serve when kids or elders come home and are feeling little hungry.

( For 4 glasses)

2 small cup Curd
2 tbs Thick Cream (Amul Cream)
2 tbs Condense Milk
½ cup Water
1 tbs Sugar
1 tbs Cashew Powder
1 tbs Almond Powder
Raisins for garnish

·         Take all the above ingredients in a mixer jar
·         Grind or mix for 2 minutes
·         Pour it a glass and add ice cube and garnish with raisins for garish and serve

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