Saturday 12 March 2016

Macaroni Creamy Salad

Bored with regular chopped vegetable salad as an accompaniment to your dinner? Try this macaroni salad, very simple and quick to prepare. It can also serve as a side dish in your dinner or as evening snacks.


1 Mid sized bowl Macaroni
1/2 Small sized bowl curd
1/2 Small sized bowl cream
1 tea spoon chopped ginger
1 tea spoon chopped green chili
1/2 Small bowl chopped onion
1/2 Small sized bowl  Pomegranate seeds
1 tea spoon salt ( according to taste)
1 tea spoon black pepper powder
1 tea spoon butter/ olive oil


Boil Macaroni in water with 1 tea spoon oil and 1 pinch salt.

Once it has boiled properly, remove from water,  put few drops of olive oil and leave for 20 min to dry.

Stir fry chopped onions, ginger and green chili together in butter or olive oil.

Mix/beat cream and curd together so its become puffy

Add boiled macaroni, fried onion, ginger and green chili, salt, black pepper and pomegranate in mixture of cream and curd.

Mix well and garnish with few seeds of pomegranate.

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