Wednesday 20 August 2014

Virgin Mojito

It looks like summer is here to stay so I thought why not share a refreshing drink recipe which will help in beating summer heat.  I am sharing recipe of Virgin Mojito and have named it so because originally Mojito consists of alcohol and when you don’t use alcohol it’s called Virgin Mojito. So enjoy this easy, delicious and refreshing drink anytime of the day you like J


1 lemon
10 mint leaves
1/2 bowl crused Ice
1 glass soda water
1 tablespoon sugar syrup
1 lemon slice for garnish


1.       In a glass take lemon juice and add sugar syrup.
2.       Then add mint leaves and crush them in the glass.
3.       After that add crushed ice and soda and mix it well.
4.       Garnish the glass with sliced lemon piece.
5.       Now your Virgin Mojito is ready to serve.

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