Saturday 30 April 2016

Bread Rawa Idli

A quick idli made from bread-crumbs and rawa, quite useful if you don't have the traditional idli batter or want to avoid urad daal for health reasons. This idli can be cooked in minutes with absolutely no prior preparations. You can serve it the traditional way with sambhar or the way i have presented here as a quick snack or side-dish after frying and adding seasoning and flavors.


1 small bowl bread crumbs
1 small bowl rawa/ Suji
2 small bowls curd
2 table spoons dry coconut powder
1 pinch Eno powder (or baking soda)
1 tea spoon salt
1 tea spoon sugar
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 small plate chopped onion and green capsicum
1 tea spoon tomato sauce
1 tea spoon barbecue sauce
1 tea spoon oregano seasoning
1 tea spoon lemon pepper


Mix bread crumbs, rawa, curd, salt, sugar, coconut powder and eno together in the bowl and leave for 15 to 20 min.

 2 Make idli as you like in idli stand whether in Microwave or Cooker .

Cut each idli in half,

Heat oil in open pan, add chopped onion and capsicum together and fry till it turns brown in color .

Add small idli pieces in fried onion and capsicum.

Fry it for 2 min and add tomato and barbecue sauce.

Mix all sauces well and add lemon pepper and oregano seasoning together.

Serve hot as you like.

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