Monday 5 January 2015

Mix Strawberry Shake

Season of strawberry is here and strawberry shake is one of my favorite drinks so I thought why not share recipe of my favorite shake with you all. I make Strawberry shake with little twist, I add dry fruits and curd to the shake which gives it more thickness and richness and tastes wise it gives completely new flavor.  This is the best way to make your kids have dry fruits; strawberry, milk and curd in one go! This one is a sure hit with kids of all ages. Do try this recipe to get new flavors in your regular Strawberry Shake.

1.       Strawberry                                 : 5-6 pieces
2.       Raisins                                         : 5-6 pieces
3.       Cashew nut                                : 5 -6 pieces
4.       Coconut Powder                        : 1 teaspoon
5.       Milk                                              : ½ Cup
6.       Thick Curd                                   : 1 small bowl
7.       Sugar                                            : 1 tablespoon (According to taste)

1.       Cut strawberry and put it mixer grinder and make pulp
2.       Now take out pulp in a glass
3.       Again take mixer and put cashew nut, raisins, coconut powder, sugar, milk, curd, 1-2 pieces of strawberry and grind all this together
4.       Now mix this mixture with the strawberry pulp and mix it well
5.       Now your Mix Strawberry Shake is ready to serve

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