Wednesday 2 April 2014

Crispy Peanut Rasbhari Pooaa

1 Cup Milk                                 
1 Small Banana                            
50 Gms Maida                              
100 Gms Paneer                              
100 Gms Peanut                              
100 Gms Sooji/ Rawa                      
½ Small Bowl Dry Fruit Tukra (Cashew nut, Pistachio, Almonds, Raisins)
2 tbs Coconut Powder                  
1 teaspoon Green Cardamom Powder      
2 Small Bowl Sugar (For making sugar syrup)
Refine or Ghee (Sufficient for deep frying)
2-3 drops Vanilla Essence
·         Roast peanuts in a pan (without oil)
·         Grind it in a mixer-grinder till it is fine powder
·         Mash paneer into very fine pieces with your hand
·         Take one big bowl for preparation of mixture / batter
·         In the bowl add Maida, Banana, Paneer, Sooji, Peanut Powder and milk  - mix properly (you can use hand blender for this)
·         Once the batter mixes properly, add dry fruits, coconut powder, cardamom powder and again mix and leave for 30 minutes
·         While the batter is kept aside, prepare sugar syrup
·         To prepare sugar syrup - take 2 small bowls of sugar, one bowl of water – boil it in a deep dish till it becomes thick syrup. Add ½ spoon cardamom powder and 2-3 drops of vanilla essence
·         Keep it aside to cool down
·         To prepare Pooaa – Heat oil in the a deep dished pan for deep fry
·         Once oil gets heated, put a small quantity of batter paste in it. It should be almost the size of regular poori/kachori
·         Cook on low flame till it becomes light brown
·         You will have to repeat the steps 8-9 for each pooaa separately
·         Once you have ample number of pooaa’s ready put them in the sugar syrup for 10 minutes.
·         Remove from syrup and garnish with little coconut powder and serve hot.

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